Flirt Skirts Fishing is the destination for Bass Fishing Bait Customization. Replacement Skirts, Football Jigs & Punch Rigs are what we create. We provide unique designs and colors to imitate what anglers need when fishing for bass. Get your tackle and start catching some fish. All of our products are hand made here in America. Our Tackle is designed with the angler in mind. 

Flirt Skirts Fishing is attempting to provide the angler quick inexpensive color change options for figuring out patterns of bait that fish may be targeting in specific scenarios and weather. 


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Flirt Skirts Fishing LLC, was founded in 2016. The Owner Derek Guest, and his family, have been making custom baits in Arizona for a little over 10 years now. We have established a great amount of support over the short time we have been up and running. Our goal with Flirt Skirts Fishing, was to create a destination for the best hand-made replacement skirts on the market. With a huge array of colors to choose from, you will be sure to select something you will have confidence in throwing. Shoot us an email with any special requests or collaboration ideas that may arise. Tight Lines Anglers  ~


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