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The Flirt Skirts Fishing Punch Rig is designed to be a great presentation to utilize when fishing heavy cover. Punching through heavy cover like lilly pads and floating brush/grass; Also a great tool to catch stingy fish under docks and in submerged trees.  These rigs are best used with a bobber stop in front of the weight, as your weighted skirt slips on to your line narrow side first. Then tie up your favorite wide gap hook. Similar to a Texas Rig. Slide you Skirted Punch Rig down your line, Then sinch that down with a bobber stop. Next step is to rig your soft plastic on your hook, buring the hook-point into the plastic to achieve weedless presentation. Now you have a Skirted Texas Rig presentation to rig with craw, creature and other soft plastics.

Flirt Skirts Punch Rig Color: Dirty 30 Blonde 1/2oz.

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